Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Gluten Free Pie Crust - the BEST mix out there

I have tried many gluten free pie crusts, and I like most of them. Gluten Free Pantry, for example, has a very nice old fashioned pie crust. You won't be disappointed, however my FAVORITE is the Breads From Anna pie crust mix. It's that time of year when I stock up and start baking pies and tarts, and that requires a stock up on Anna's mixes. This year, you can find her mixes on Amazon and Vitacost, which makes my life easier.
What is so great about this mix? Let me break it down:
1) It's super easy! You just add two liquids, mix with hands and PRESS into pie dish or mini muffin pans. EASY
2) High quality ingredients - I love that Anna's mixes use a variety of great ingredients, and that they don't rely on the simple rice/corn/tapioca trifecta.
3) Flaky and delicious. The end result is always the right texture and taste.

Above, you can see that I used a 9" pie dish and pressed half of the dough into the pie pan. Now, you CAN make beautiful lattice topping with this mix. It's pretty simple. Just roll out the dough between two sheets of wax paper, and place in the freezer for 15-30 minutes. At that point, you can cut it and lay it. I was in a hurry to serve this with our supper, so I didn't take the time for that step, which is why my topping is messy, but it didn't stop this pie from being devoured.

If you haven't tried Anna's mixes, I highly recommend her pumpkin bread mix, and her pie crust.  For Thanksgiving, her herb bread would be a delightful base for stuffing, too! Enjoy.

PS - Anna's pie crust makes a great jam tart. This mix works perfectly for 18 mini muffin tin sized tarts. Here's how it's done: Click here.

Need something to fill that pie crust? How about a Chicken Pot Pie recipe?

Want to try that pumpkin pie, shown above? Click here.

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