Thursday, May 28, 2015

Endometreosis and Diet

I am going to be doing some major research into the area of diet and endometreosis as well as diet to support the liver. This post is just a placeholder for blogs that I am marking to read. Feel free to add your favorite resources in the comment section!
  • Specialist
  • Book to review by above specialist
  • Blogger sharing her story and supplement regime
  • Product recommended to me by naturopathic doctor
  • Another recommended product from naturopath
  • Dr Wahls book on low inflammation protocol
  • Site that recommends diet for endo
  • General info on anti cancer site re endo
  • Book on recipes for endo diet
  • Book on healing through diet with endo - more in depth explanations
  • Center for Endo care
As a nutrition educator, I know many of the "good for you" choices and low inflammation protocols already, but I am seeking to find out what is specifically advised to ward off years of ongoing endometreosis growth and pain.

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