Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Omega 3 for breakfast gluten free kale, salmon, eggs

My kids brought colds home from school, and despite my frequent hand washing, a sore throat is setting in. To cut this cold off before it gets bad, I'm relying in a healthy mix of nutrition superheroes. This fight starts with breakfast.
I cooked wild Alaskan salmon with kale and one egg. This combination is wonderfully rich in omega 3, antioxidants, and nutrients. To fight off any incoming bugs, I pressed raw garlic into a small spoon of aioli and mixed it into the greens at the table. My accompaniment for this healthy kickstart is a warm glass of green tea (more antioxidants).
When I'm fighting off a new cold, this type of eating serves my body well. The garlic, alone, seems to work wonders in the first stage of onset. I add zinc, d3, and a high quality multi vitamin to help me out, further. Later today I will continue eating antioxidant and nutrient rich whole foods, and avoiding sugar. This protein rich breakfast is also great for introducing veggies into your morning meal. Be healthy!


  1. Shannon9:27 AM

    We are doing the same thing here! Fighting a cold. For the sore throats around here we are doing some blueberry smoothies with loads of kale in the afternoon. It feels good on the throat.

  2. I agree, the smoothies feel great on the throat. That is our favorite after school snack. Gotta love that vita mix!