Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Julie Matthews Reports Study on Nutrition and Autism

Julie Matthews is a fellow Bauman College graduate and expert on Autism diets. I highly recommend watching Julie demo or present if you ever have the chance. The information on eating for health is beneficial to all people, not just those on the Autism Spectrum. Julie's recent article, One of the Most Comprehensive Studies on Nutrition for Autism, validates what parents of children on the spectrum have been witnessing for years.

As a mother, I have seen huge changes in behavior and health by incorporating dietary changes in our home. I have spent the past 7 years experimenting with and experiencing a variety of low allergen options as well as increasing our nutrients through diet. It makes me happy to see studies like this one being done. Without this study, and what I hope are many to follow, we will not see the change that so many of our children need. In truth, learning how to eat for the health of the GI system, learning how to increase nutrients through foods, and learning how to reduce high inflammation based diet practices will help anyone with GI disturbance. People of all ages have come to me over the years because the state of the GI system has become such an unbearable presence in their life and they want to know how they can eat to heal. THIS is exactly the kind of study that helps parents and doctors move toward that method of thinking.

Do you want to learn more about how and why Autism Diets work for healing the gut? Check out Julie's book, Nourishing Hope for Autism for a wonderful overview.

For a video synopsis, join in on a 6 part presentation I gave to an Iowa Autism Society Chapter here:

Follow along with the articles that cover the main topics, found on my article page, such as:
If you are looking for a cookbook that will introduce basics of eating for health, check out Rachel Mastez's plentiful book, The Garden of Eating Diet. Sample many great recipes on Rachel's blog, as well (see links to left).

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