Friday, June 17, 2011

It's a Crêpe Day! Gluten free dairy free crêpe recipe

The girls requested Crepes this morning. Why not? I grabbed the Artisan Gluten Free Cookbook and flipped to the Crepe recipe, as I know it's a fool proof method. Utilizing my own version of their Artisan Flour Blend, we whipped this easy dish up in minutes. While I don't keep potato flour on hand, I replaced it with some Masa flour today, and since I never use xanthum gum (cue fainting Celiac chefs...), I replaced that with my trusty milled flaxseed in equal measure. The end results are always good. In the photo is a simple version stuffed with strawberries and whipped creme. In our house, we have some who eat all natural dairy based whipped creme, while I avoid all dairy and occasionally treat myself to a soy based whipped topping or coconut based whipped topping. Did that last one get your attention? If so, head on over to Rachel Mastez's blog and try it out. Coconut whipped creme...delightful!

Now, crepes are a versatile item that can be filled and rolled for breakfast, lunch, or even dessert. My French sister in law treats the family to a delightful dessert Crepe breakfast with a fresh lemon sauce, fruit, chocolates, and whipped cream. This delights all ages. For those who want to contend with these rich treats, or those who just miss crepes, I encourage you to give this recipe a try! You will never miss the gluten or the dairy in this fabulous recipe.

Tips: I used a counter top skillet with touch safe handles to turn the skillet and let the crepe roll out/thin out. This worked great and I had no trouble with sticking. To replace the butter in the recipe, earth balance butter made a terrific substitution. Lakanto can replace sugar for those looking to omit sugar. For those looking to try this without eggs, I cannot advise this recipe, however. It will be more like a thin pancake, which isn't all bad, but less like a crepe if you replace the egg!

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