Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gluten Free Dairy Free Popsicles - A Healthy Treat

Have Vita Mix, will blend! It's hot here and we have polished off the much neglected Vita Mix. Smoothie time is back! One of our family favorite snacks during the hot summer months is homemade popsicles. A great way to have these on hand is to make extra smoothies and freeze the remaining bits as you go.

Here is a recipe for Grape Smoothies that is very refreshing!

Pictured is a mixture of banana, mango, Vfruit juice, fresh squeezed lime juice, carrots, and a bit of honey.

Tips for quick smoothies any time
  • Freeze ripe bananas in small pieces for blending. These add both a creamy texture as well as a sweet flavor to smoothies
  • Keep stevia on hand to sweeten smoothies without adding sugar or excess honey
  • Add vegetables! Spinach and kale work beautifully in a smoothie. They lend themselves well to fresh lemon juice and orange/mango blend. Carrots blend easily, as well. Add citrus and stevia to taste
  • Freeze ice cube trays of almond milk, rice milk, or other liquid of choice for quick smoothies that pack flavor

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