Thursday, February 18, 2010

Indigo Nights Organic Fudge Bar - Raw Foods and Gluten Free

I am getting spoiled with new products to try, courtesy of my new part time position at Advance Health and the sudden ease of accessibly to so many wonderful choices....but before I go too far off on a tangent, let me do a quick rave for the Indigo Nights all natural Organic Fudge Bar by Everything Raw. It's gluten free and dairy free (of course) and oh so dark chocolate, yet sweet. The dates and agave give this plenty of sweetness, while the cocoa nibs and powder deliver that warm chocolate flavor that I love. If I had this bar and a Cocoa Mole Lara Bar side by side, it would be hard to choose which would win. Maybe the Lara Bar would trump for sweetness, but if I was really wanting some dark chocolate, I think the Indigo Nights bar would prevail.

Like the Lara Bar, these deliver some protein and fiber and a LOT of natural sugar from the dates! With that in mind, I treat these as candy bars and not "food" bars (meaning, I would not eat one of these for a quick lunch).

For those looking for a gluten free, dairy free "fudge" that is healthier and free of refined white sugars, I think you'll really enjoy these raw food bar choices. I look forward to testing some other products offered by Everything Raw, soon.

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