Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Reusable Lunch Bags

When lunches need to travel, I am eager to send them off with the most earth friendly (and body friendly - low or no toxins please!) food containers and bags as possible. A few years ago, I stumbled onto www.reusablebags.com where I picked up some safe drinking containers for the kids. 5 years later, they are still going strong, so I can see that was a good investment.

Recently, I decided to try the Wrap-N-Mat in place of those handy dandy ziplock bags. There are several variations of these reusable food bags, but this cute checkered adjustable style appealed to me, so I ordered one for each of us, and here is how it works. It's so darn cute!

In this photo, I have made a very tiny gluten free sandwich with the small slices of Udi's bread, which I recently reviewed. The closure system adjusts nicely for small or larger items. Besides sandwiches, I use this for wraps, cut fruit and veggies, and anything that I don't worry too much about "smashing". Basically, anything that could have traveled in a disposable bag. Clean up is a cinch, so that is why I have to shout out some love for this product. Looking at it, I can see that it would be easy to sew if you had the materials available (and the talent!). Knowing my eagerness to splurge at the fabric store, I figured I would come out ahead by just purchasing these bags online.

Want to see more lunches that travel? Look inside Bean's lunch bag to see what kind of gluten free and dairy free foods she takes to school on any given day. Let it inspire you for some fun travel lunches for those times when you feel stuck in a lunchtime rut.

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