Thursday, October 29, 2009

To Disney and Back Again...Again. Gluten and Dairy Free

We are back from, yet another, family vacation to Walt Disney World. Why would this bit of personal information make it's way here, you may wonder? Well that is easy. The food!

While we were there, we were able to dine at a variety of both quick service and table service eateries and we always found plenty of gluten and dairy free options. Because of the ease of taking your allergies on vacation with Disney, I am always eager to share our experiences in an effort to help others plan for their own family get aways.

Be warned...eating this well and with such little effort may force you to plan repeat trips to the land of the mouse. You may become spoiled to the point that carrying your kitchen with you on future trips will somehow seem a nuisance, in comparison. If you do make a trip to the mouse, enjoy looking through my food reviews here. Even if you are not likely to venture to Florida anytime in the near future, you may become inspired by some of the dishes served and products used that fit the bill for the gluten free dairy free diet.