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This initial consultation gathers key information that will be used to understand your dietary needs and goals

  • Health status and history
  • Past and present challenges
  • Dietary patterns
  • Lifestyle wants and needs

The information attained during your first consultation will result in a packet of educational materials. The packet will be used to shape a customized dietary support program with attainable objectives and goals.

In addition to the dietary analysis, special focus* can be placed on your dietary concerns such as:

  • Blood sugar regulation
  • Food allergy and sensitivity
  • Weight management and more

* Please share your specific areas of interest with staff when scheduling. NUCARE 847.480.1718


During the second meeting, your personalized nutrition and meal plan recommendations will be reviewed. The plan will be presented in a simple and easy to follow manner, and any outstanding questions may be addressed.

With your follow up consultation you will receive:

  • Summary for findings
  • Personalized meal suggestions
  • General dietary recommendations
  • Sample recipes to suit your needs
  • Personalized local shopping list
  • Educational information to help you succeed with your plan


The key to a successful health and wellness program is commitment and support. Support is available with monthly coaching sessions, and email correspondence on a regular basis. Ongoing support is intended to ensure progress and inspire success.

Initial Consultation required in order to participate in 6 month coaching program.


Most people come with patterns, habits, and imbalances that have been with them for years. Creating and sustaining change is much more likely with ongoing support and education. Schedule as needed for making changes, adjusting goals, and staying on track.

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